Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Transport Strategic Plan

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Transport Strategic Plan



R Booth, Glasgow City Council, UK


Glasgow will be the host city of the 2014 Commonwealth Games.
A Transport Strategic Plan, required for the Games will address the transport needs of all Games related client groups and of the city at large during games time.


Glasgow has been nominated as the host city for the 2014 Commonwealth Games which will be held in Glasgow and other Scottish Venues in July/August 2014.

A requirement of the Commonwealth Games Federation and of the enabling legislation is the preparation of a Transport Strategic Plan for the games addressing the transport needs of the Games Family, officials and national teams, of spectators and of the city at large during games time. Organising Company, Glasgow 2014 Ltd has appointed Glasgow City Council to prepare the Plan on their behalf.
The 2014 Commonwealth Games will be the largest single event to have ever taken place in Glasgow. The Transport Strategic Plan is a critically important document for the organisation of transport for the Games.

The Transport Plan will present the objectives and key strategic directions which form the basis of the planning and delivery of transport for the Games. The main objectives of the Plan are as follows:

? Deliver safe, secure and reliable transport for the Games Family (6500 athletes and officials);
? Deliver robust and reliable transport for ticketed spectators ? all venues are accessible to spectators by public transport only; and
? Keep Glasgow moving ? maintain everyday business in the City.

The first draft of the Plan is due to be completed by May 2010. Following this, it will go through a period of stakeholder consultation over the summer of 2010. Feedback from the consulted stakeholders will be considered and the Transport Plan will be updated accordingly prior to delivery of Version 1 in time for the Delhi Games in October 2010.

This paper will describe the process of preparation of the Plan, the elements of the Plan, the challenges which will allow us to highlight the issues and scale of the event in the Glasgow context and an insight into how it will be put in place for games time. The presentation will be given by the Organising Company, Glasgow 2014 Ltd. in conjunction with Glasgow City Council.


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