Design and Prototype of an RFID Based In-vehicle Road Sign Delivery System

Design and Prototype of an RFID Based In-vehicle Road Sign Delivery System


A Paul, N Bharadwaj, A S Bhat, S Shroff, T.G Sitharam, S Venkatesh, Instrumentation Technology, IN


Conceptualization, design and prototype of a wireless electronic system that delivers road signs and other road related information to drivers within the vehicle using an LCD display and a vocal readout


The density of traffic and road transport networks is perpetually on the rise. With this, comes the continuous need for improvements in driving safety and convenience. There is tremendous scope for development in this sector, especially to provide low-cost safety solutions for vehicular commuting. In this paper we document the development of an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based system that will alert vehicle drivers about road oddities at an optimum distance before encountering them. The objective is to conceptualize and design a wireless system that delivers road signs - and other road-related information - to the commuter within his/her vehicle visually and aurally, at an appropriate distance before encountering the corresponding road oddities. We will showcase the development in three phases - the preliminary design, the proof of concept model, and the full scale prototype.

Static road signs, largely prevalent in crowded metropolitan cities are generally scattered, inconspicuous and appear too late for corrective action. Most vehicle drivers are habituated to ignoring them, a problem particularly widespread in developing nations. Our goal is to reduce dependency on the latter, by developing a low-cost, intelligent device that will also aid in averting accidents and traffic jams, and in implementing traffic law and order. The ultimate aim is to bring about a change in the current road safety paradigm by providing a more efficient and more ergonomic electronic alternative to static road signs. Keeping India as an example, the focus is on improving the aforementioned issues of vehicular commuting in metropolitan areas of populated countries.


Association for European Transport