Leave the Car, and Take the Bus: Improving Public Transport Across the Forth

Leave the Car, and Take the Bus: Improving Public Transport Across the Forth


S Turner, Transport Scotland, UK


This paper will describe the work that has been undertaken in connection with the preparation and delivery of the Public Transport Strategy for the Forth Replacement Crossing, and include details on the Halbeath Park & Choose project.


In order to support the Forth Replacement Crossing project, a Public Transport Strategy was developed to build on the Planning Objectives of the main project and identify opportunities to maintain and enhance sustainable public transport growth, in order to ensure that there was appropriate support for the Scottish Government?s purpose of increasing sustainable economic growth.

Once the new Crossing is opened in 2016, a 22 kilometre long public transport corridor will be available from Halbeath in Fife to the Newbridge Roundabout about 1 mile west of Edinburgh Airport on the A8. This transport corridor will include use of the existing bridge which will be available to carry public transport, pedestrians and cyclists. In the future, it could be adapted to carry a light rapid transit system.

The strategy will extend and maximise public transport use through collaborative working with a variety of stakeholders.

The paper will describe the work that was undertaken to develop the initial strategy in January 2010, and the work undertaken to prepare the refreshed strategy and the infrastructure implementation plan. The refreshed strategy was published in the spring of 2012.

The paper will also provide details on social inclusion issues; the potential levels of carbon reduction; and the transport resilience which will be available on completion of the schemes.

The refreshed strategy has been prepared in partnership with City of Edinburgh Council, the Fife Council, West Lothian Council, SEStran, the Confederation of Passenger Transport and the major bus operators. The strategy makes a viable case for a number of infrastructure interventions and measures, which aims to increase public transport usage in the cross Forth area. Some of these projects are included in the Forth Replacement Crossing project and some are being delivered by other bodies, including the Halbeath Park and Choose project.

By taking an holistic approach to this work, and with full and early engagement with the relevant parties then improvements to public transport will be provided which will extend far beyond the Forth crossing area.


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