Multimodal Travel Information in the Region Maastricht

Multimodal Travel Information in the Region Maastricht


H. Palm, DAT.Mobility, J. Camp, Maastricht Bereikbaar, C. Stelling,, MuConsult


To support the efficient use of the total transport system a multimodal trip planner for the region Maastricht is developed. A survey among users provides insights in travel behaviour changes due to travel information.


Improving the utilization of both road infrastructure and public transport system is an important strategy to reaching certain policy objectives (e.g. improving accessibility) in many countries. In the Netherlands, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, together with regional and local authorities, are working on a transport system that is user friendly and offers travellers the choice of different attractive modes of transport. Providing multimodal (real-time) travel information including alternative routes, is an important instrument to support the efficient use of the total transport system. Especially during big events or incidents it can prevent or reduce the existence of traffic jams.

Within this context a multimodal trip planner is developed for the region Maastricht, which is accessible via website or smartphone. This planner presents the options for the car, public transport, bicycle, and e-bike in one view. Commuters and visitors can easily choose the cheapest, fastest and most environmentally friendly modes of transport. The planner offers even more: it shows the actual parking place occupancy, advising travellers to park their car at the nearest parking place (i.e. Park&Walk or Park+Ride site), and shows the egress route on foot or by public transport. Within this trip planner the travel times are based on historical and actual travel times, which means that the travel information is based on real time data taking day-to-day variation and non-regular traffic conditions (e.g. incidents and road works).The trip planner also distinghuishes mode chains as an option to travel. Normally travel options for public transport starts and ends with walking. Bicycle and car are also attractive options to go to a train station. Therefore the trip planner is extended with smart chain trips, combining modes in an attractive way as an alternative option. In the paper this approach will be described more in detail.

In February users of the multimodal trip planner will be asked to complete a web survey. Besides satisfaction ratings for user-friendliness and usefulness, respondents are asked about the travel options they choose (or not) and what they had done without using the trip planner. So the web survey will provide insights in travel behaviour changes due to the multimodal planner. In the paper the results of the survey will be presented.

On national scale the Dutch Ministry is aware of the high potential of multimodal travel information for increasing the efficiency of transport system use. Therefore, they are stimulating the market of travel information to improve the chain from data collection to delivering services to end users. This project includes both technical and 'business' goals and aims. During 2014 results from this project will be incorporated in the multimodal planner for Maastricht, which will be described.


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