InnoWaggon Rail Experience Meets Innovation

InnoWaggon Rail Experience Meets Innovation


Andreas M. Wandas, Rail Cargo Austria




More than 1.6 million tons of chips and FGD gypsum are transported by Express-Interfracht throughout Europe each year by rail and therefore contribute to signifi cant relief for roads.
Environmental protection in numbers:
Around 1,600 containers are in used per day for the paper, wood and building materials industry.
This corresponds to around 1.2 billion ton kilometres.
And CO2 savings of approximately 240,000 tons compared to transports by truck.
The patented Innofreight Container System for bulk materials is comprised of volume-optimised specialist containers in various versions and innovative unloading techniques. The containers are used based on requirements (e.g. specific bulk material weight). The specialist rotation unloading technology guarantees reliable and quick unloading.
The expansion of our cooperation with our partner, INNOFREIGHT Speditions GmbH, also into other areas (e.g. mining products,
replacement fuels, palette goods), is one of our future projects. This is comprised of transport, equipment, scheduling and unloading,
with or without personnel.
Our competence: Development, rental and operation of customized logistic solutions for bulk goods.
Our business:
• Transported amount 2004 - 2011: 80 m.m3 bulk cargo
• 1,5 million container unloadings since 2004
• 4,700 special containers in use (= 75 trains)
Example ÖBB-RCA, biomass:
2005: 200.000t woodchips, 80% domestic transports.
2011: 1,9 Mio. t, 60% international transports.
We bring savings to railway companies because of:
1. Reduced cycle times (better usage of ressources)
2. Standardized multipurpose container technology brings flexibility for the needs of the market
3. No new investment costs for railway companies (usage of existing wagon fleet)
End customers like safe and cost efficient logistics!


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