Crossrail Development and Delivery

Crossrail Development and Delivery


Charles Harmer, Crossrail Limited


The presentation will introduce Crossrail, Europe’s largest construction project and provide an update on project progress. The presentation will report on work undertaken by Crossrail Limited to develop and deliver this major cross London railway.


Main points covered in the presentation will be:
• The development of the scheme and planning approval, This includes the Crossrail Hybrid Bill and planning matters not covered by the Bill.
• Analysis of the costs and transport benefits. This analysis followed Department for Transport Guidance. Agglomeration benefits resulting from the concentration of commercial activities enabled by Crossrail are also included.
• Company structure and funding arrangements. Crossrail Limited is jointly funded by the Department for Transport and Transport for London. There are further funding sources such as developer funding which has been used to build two stations.
• Station ticket hall entrances and over-site developments (OSDs) are the main elements of the Crossrail scheme that will be visible at street level. Part of the Crossrail design process is to ensure that the urban realm for the station is properly integrated with the over-site developments above them and that the two elements combined complement and enhance the spaces in which they sit.
• Central station designs including associated property developments. The stations have been designed for safety and efficient passenger circulation using pedestrian modelling. Crossrail aims to generate in the region of £500 million for the Crossrail funding package by maximising the property development opportunities above its stations and on land currently being used to support Crossrail’s construction.
• Surface works on the existing railway. Existing rail lines will be fully integrated with the new Crossrail central route section which will be operated by TfL.
• Rolling stock design and procurement. The rolling stock is specified by Crossrail to be energy efficient and well as meeting operator and passenger needs.
• The operation of the railway will be let to the Crossrail Train Operator as a concession managed by TfL.
• Integration with existing network and timetable for the staged opening of the Crossrail route.


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