Cycling and Pedestrian Accident Analysis in Konya

Cycling and Pedestrian Accident Analysis in Konya




The ultimate aim of this project is to establish an “experience sharing” network among local authorities to better interact, share, and excel in design and operations.


Road Safety is a rising issue addressed in Turkiye through several aspects; it’s important to clearly stress out that RS is not only “putting seat belt” or “not drinking and driving”. Even though the Prime Minister is personally involved in this initiative, the lack of appropriate technical expertise on the field is a real potential for Embarq’s involvement. A wider and complete perspective approach will emphasize EMBARQ’s technical capacity along with the steps taken towards implementing a “wider perspective analysis on RS” among the local city officials

Transportation resources shows us most conspicuous problems are traffic accidents that concern every traffic user. According to World Healt Organisation’s statistics, every year 1.2 million people die and 50 million people get injured in traffic accidents. On the other hand, annual cost of all traffic accidents is nearby %2-3 of gross domestic product of world. In mixed urban transportation, accidental risks increase on crossroad points with many intersections and corridors in city centers. On that points priority should be given to defenseless users of traffic like pedestrians and cyclists . Consequently the advantages which pedestrians and cyclists cause, should be utilized for city and people by solving the inner-city corridor and crossroad safety problems.

Analysis carried out in Konya Province, which borders in occurred last 5 years mortals and of data from injury traffic accident in Konya Provincial Police Traffic Directorate of Konya Metropolitan taken by the scope of the protocol signed with the Municipality is making road safety inspection and audit work in the light.The analysis particularly vulnerable road users within the types of bicycle and pedestrian crossroads of urban mixed traffic intersections in the city and the concentrations of accidents and fatal crashes involving mutilation traffic corridors in the central black spots have been identified.


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