European Urban Transport Roadmaps to 2030

European Urban Transport Roadmaps to 2030


Dr Guy Hitchcock, Ricardo-AEA, Claudia De Stasio, TRT TRASPORTI E TERRITORIO, Pamela Mühlmann, ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability


The 2011 Transport White Paper calls for cities to develop Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPS) to tackle issues such as congestion and air pollution. This project has developed an on-line policy support tool to help cities develop SUMPS.


Central to the development of cost effective sustainable transport strategies is the availability of tools and guidance documents, helping policy-makers to understand the range of possible actions and steps to successful implementation. The European Urban Roadmaps study, supported by DG Move, will play a vital role in taking this forward through the provision of a web based policy support tool, the development of urban transport policy roadmaps and underpinned by a range of stakeholder engagement activities. The paper will provide an overview of the policy support tool and roadmaps developed.

The policy support tool is aimed at the large number of small and medium sized cities in Europe who may not have the resource to major policy assessment and modelling work. It is intended to support range of city decision makers with the initial development of sustainable urban transport policy roadmaps. The tool allows for a basic configuration of the city and implementation of a range of policy options. For each set of policy options the tool will calculate transport impacts, environmental impacts and economic factors. The on-line implementation of the tool provides for easy and wide spread access. It also allows the user to adjust policies and see the impacts in real-time so that the users can do quick shifting of policy options.

Alongside the policy support tool the project is developing a set of illustrative urban policy road maps. These are designed to provide realist examples of policy selections that could be implemented by a city to work towards the European Commission goals for sustainable urban transport. These policy roadmaps will be available within the on-line support allowing user to apply them to their city.

The development the tool and roadmaps is being supported by stakeholder engagement activities to ensure that they fit the needs of the end user. Stakeholder have included both cities and sustainable transport professionals. A beta version of the tool for June 2015 for testing with 5 case study cities. The final tool will be launched at the beginning of 2016 through a set of national launch events and a international stakeholder event.


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