Delivery of Goods with Electric Bikes- Results of Testing

Delivery of Goods with Electric Bikes- Results of Testing


Matko Perović, Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar


In PRO-E-BIKE project, 38 delivery companies tested electric bikes and scooters for delivery of goods. The goal of this testing is to analyze and proof, that E-bikes can replace standard motor scooters, cars and vans for delivery in urban areas.


PRO-E-BIKE project promotes clean and energy efficient vehicles, electric bicycles and electric scooters (common name “E – bikes”), for delivery of goods among private and public bodies such as delivery companies and public administration. This E-bikes should be an alternative to "conventionally fossil fuelled" vehicles.
The project actions are directed towards E-bike market uptake and promotion of policies that stimulate the usage of E-bikes in urban transport. Pilot projects among target groups will not only help us to achieve these objectives, but as well, they will test different types of E-bikes and provide data about all aspects of usage these vehicles.
The final effect we aim for is change in behaviour of target groups manifested in their decision to replace their conventionally fuelled vehicles with E- bikes.
Overall, the actions predicted by the project are needed in order to reduce congestion, decrease cost of delivery, save energy, reduce noise and pollution in urban areas and to create new market opportunities for local economy by transformation urban delivery transport in favour of E- bikes.
Project started in April 2013. with duration of 3 years. E- bikes are tested 6 to 12 months , because we want to see how they work during whole year in every weather conditions. Some of pilot companies are already finished with testing and other will be in spring 2015. After testing period, we will collected all the data and give final conclusion about cost, efficiency, functioning of vehicles and organizations, and all positive and negative sides. Almost all pilot companies are very satisfied with replacement standard vehicles with E-bikes and they will continue to use them.
On this conference we want to present interesting results of testing in our pilot companies and share satisfaction with this new way of transport of goods in urban areas.


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