Economic Aspects of Optimized Works Planning with Regard to Object Performance

Economic Aspects of Optimized Works Planning with Regard to Object Performance


Jan Helmer, Rijkswaterstaat


Rijkswaterstaat is asset manager for infrastructure, with more focus on maintenance and management. Performance and risk have become variables. Optimization of performance level options includes cost-benefit analysis.Achievements are discussed.


Rijkswaterstaat is the executing agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment of The Netherlands. As such it acts as the asset manager at a national level for three infrastructure networks: roads, waterways and water systems. Rijkswaterstaat knows, by tradition, what is best for their networksand for the Netherlandsat what cost. Over the last decade the playing field between the executing agency and the ministry has changed. The performance and perceived risks of the networksare regulated in Service Level Agreements, management contracts between the executing agency and the ministry. Development of the networks is considered to beby and large complete. Hence there is a shift in emphasis from construction to maintenance and management. Instead of plainly expanding the networks with further objects, emphasis is increasingly on the adaptation to needs and the modification of functionalities when maintaining, replacing or renovating objects. Furthermore maintenance and management take place at object level, but always taking the surrounding link and the total corridor performance in to account.Reduced budgets over the last years also force the agency to critically reconsiderspecific object performance and risk exposure. This implies choices and prioritization of works, across corridors and networks.In the service level negotiations with the ministry performance and risk exposure is regarded as a variable that requires definition and substantiation. Works can be implemented or not in order to reinsure functioning of an object, it is also possible to have an object function at a different level or accepting different risk levels. Rijkswaterstaatis developing ways to include cost-benefit considerations in the optimization of performancelevel options at different abstraction levels. In this paper, methods, tools and preliminary results in use are discussed.


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