Making Personal Travel Planning Work

Making Personal Travel Planning Work


Jon Parker, ITP Ltd.


The paper will present the latest findings on the effectiveness of Personal Travel Planning as a techniques to influence travel behaviour, and how best to encourage more sustainable travel options.


In 2007, the author led a major international research programme on behalf of the UK Department for Transport exploring the effectiveness of Personal Travel Planning (PTP). The research findings were supplemented with a Practitioners Guide, which, when combined, have led to a dramatic increase in the scale and number of PTP programmes across the UK. It is estimated that over 100 projects have been delivered across the UK in the last 5 years, covering in excess of 2 million households. The author has independently evaluated several of these projects, and will therefore present the latest understanding of how effective PTP can be in influencing travel behaviour in different settings and contexts. The paper will compare and contrast what was known about PTP back in 2007 at the time of the original research, with what is now known, including new insights into who changes behaviour, and what are the pre-conditions for an effective PTP programme. It will draw on case studies from across the UK, and present evidence on the impacts of different PTP approaches to delivery, and demonstrate how new light touch approaches to evaluation can be used to illuminate results. In particular this will highlight how corroboration of data can help to add weight to research findings, and enable scheme promotors to understand how different approaches perform. The presentation will also examine briefly the behavioural science underpinning PTP, and the relationship between capital investment in transport infrastructure and supporting revenue funding promotional activity. It will cover the impact on all modes of transport, including walking, cycling, public transport and shared car use.


Association for European Transport