Green Urban Distribution: Evaluation of Adapted Measures for the City of Oslo

Green Urban Distribution: Evaluation of Adapted Measures for the City of Oslo


Marianne Elvsaas Nordtømme, SINTEF Technology And Society, Jardar Andersen, Institute Of Transport Economics, Astrid Bjørgen Sund, SINTEF Technology And Society


The paper will present a study of solutions for more environmentally friendly and efficient urban goods distribution in the city centre of Oslo, and an evaluation framework for assessing the environmental and economic impact of these measures.


The project Green Urban Distribution in Oslo (GUDO) aims at identifying and demonstrating environmentally friendly and efficient solutions for urban freight distribution in the city centre of Oslo. The project owner, the Municipality of Oslo, acknowledges freight distribution as an important prerequisite for a living city with a dense population and a competitive business sector. On the other hand, freight distribution is a significant source of local pollution. It is also characterized by lack of coordination between actors in the logistics chain, inaccessible and unavailable loading zones, ineffective stock receipts and unplanned events requiring improvised solutions. The city encourages contributions to green solutions and is eager to implement those improving the situation for both the stakeholders and the environment.
The paper presents results from the project; an ex-ante study of measures and an ex-post study of demonstrated measures. These results are of great interest to researchers and city authorities aiming to implement and evaluate adapted solutions for green urban distribution in other cities.


Association for European Transport