Equity Concern of Stakeholders with Regard to Transport Projects

Equity Concern of Stakeholders with Regard to Transport Projects


Venezia Elisabetta, University of Bari Aldo Moro, Arsenio Elisabete, LNEC


The paper deals with the inclusion of equity issues in the transport planning process. It focuses on involvement of stakeholders in processes of planning transport infrastructures’ based on European best practices.


The importance of stakeholders’ participation to sustainable transport planning is increasingly recognized as key for achieving a more efficient and just society. However, stakeholders’ participation faces various risks and several barriers need to be tackled in practice.
The paper presents a critical literature review of existing conceptual models for the participation and engagement of various types of stakeholders at the different stages of the transport planning process and other consultation activities.
On the basis of the research, it resulted that there is a wide literature on stakeholder roles, but only few contributions with novel issues in transport. As such, the methodology presented in this paper includes a selection of transport investment projects facing participation processes in Italy and Portugal for an in-depth review.
So the research presents an improved formulation of a model particularly suitable to the transport sector which provides new insights and contributions not only for the scientific research but also for the operative processes where stakeholders are called to take part. One of the paper contributions to existing policy practice is that it gives evidence to policy makers of best practices (or most successful cases) and also of “bad” examples where stakeholders did not take part to processes and, in this case, the focus of the analysis is also to understand the process to tackle the reasons of why it happened.
The research conducted for this paper is part of the Cost Action COST TU1209 “Transport Equity Analysis: assessment and integration of equity criteria in transportation planning (TEA).


Association for European Transport