Mobility-as-a-Service Platform

Mobility-as-a-Service Platform


Marko Javornik, Comtrade Digital Sevices (


In this presentation, we would like to cover Mobility-as-a-Service (platform) in theory and practice.


The mobility ecosystem for urban mobility is currently in a state of flux and is shifting away from the ownership of private vehicles towards shared, on-demand mobility. This new mobility system requires a different organization than the current system. The best way to create a holistic and seamless mobility service experience for travelers is a Mobility-as-a-Service platform, which gathers all means of transportation and provides the user with a single access point for mobility. In the future, every trip will start in the digital environment and will be planned by a digital travel assistant for multimodal trips to achieve the best fit for every customer trip. On the one hand, these platforms require transportation providers to open their APIs to connect to the platform, while on the other hand, there needs to be a mobility operator who is administering the platform and coordinating the services. This also means a business model change for the involved parties that are no longer operating autonomously. Comtrade Digital Services developed a microservice-based MaaS platform that currently supports various functions and runs a car sharing service and a car rental with more services potentially being connected.

Speaker: Marko Javornik, Vice President and General Manager of Mobility&Travel at Comtrade

Marko Javornik is an internationally recognized expert and thinker on software technology innovation and digital transformation topics. His expertise is around reinventing car mobility by bringing advanced back-end technology to the market to enable solutions as car and ride sharing, and shuttle services.

As VP/GM Mobility & Travel at Comtrade, one of the largest IT companies in South Europe, he is in charge of partnerships with global industry leaders such as Ryanair, developing business solutions to power growth, innovation and digitalized customer experience.
A regular keynote speaker and moderator, Javornik has taken part in leading industry events across Europe. He draws on his wealth of experience and passion for digital technologies to provide essential insights into the future of mobility, transportation and digital travel.
Javornik’s talks are focused on sharing new ideas about building mobility systems of tomorrow. By exploring technology stacks and data-driven innovation, he enables audiences to see where the travel industry is going and how companies can accelerate the adoption of digital to overcome complex technology challenges and unlock new opportunities.


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