Automated Commercial Vehicle Fleets - What Will They Deliver?

Automated Commercial Vehicle Fleets - What Will They Deliver?


Joerg Luetzner, Continental Automotive GbmH


This presentation will provide an overview of autonomous functions for commercial vehicles and the chances of success based on key success criterion.


There are high expectations that autonomous commercial vehicle fleets will significantly improve vehicle safety and efficiency. The fact that efficiency gain is quantifiable and a key KPI for fleets means there is strong reason to believe that autonomous systems which have an ROI in less than 2 years will have a huge success in the market. Autonomous systems which offer clear societal benefits like the emergency braking assistant have a high probability of becoming mandated by law with the associated high fitment rates. A further key success criterion is whether and which legislative changes are necessary to enable this. Big legislative changes must lead to similarly large benefits for society to have any chances of being implemented. Autonomous systems for commercial vehicles like platooning and highway pilot have recently been demonstrated. Technology exists for further autonomous systems like predictive speed setting and maneuver assistant amongst others. In the course of this presentation the autonomous technologies and functions will be measured against these three parameters. Continental is ideally positioned to analyze the value of each of these systems as Continental is working on numerous of these. It is interesting to observe that not only will functionality evolve over time but also the commercial vehicles themselves. Many fascinating developments have surfaced in recent months. Looking at these, is seems likely that further disruptions are not unlikely. An attempt will be made to loo into the possible future forms of commercial vehicles. All-in-all we see fast moving and fast changing times ahead of us.


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