T M B Experience with C N G Buses. Main Lessons Learned

T M B Experience with C N G Buses. Main Lessons Learned


Josep Ariño, TMB


This paper explain TMB experience with CNG, Compressed Natural Gas


TMB experience with CNG buses. Main lessons learned
Ariño, Josep; TMB, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona

This presentation is aimed at offering a synthesis over the past years of the TMB experience with Compressed Natural Gas, CNG from now on, technology and main lessons learned. This will be done from a technological perspective in relation to the following three major fields of action such as: rolling stock, facilities, and maintenance of both.

In the first section, we’ll provide main details of mobility in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (TMB area of operation), and the significant role TMB performs day by day, as well as the specific technical features of the overall bus fleet and related facilities. We will also provide a historical overview of TMB know-how and expertise about CNG.

Following, main technical characteristics of those three indicated areas (rolling stock, facilities and maintenance) are considered, with relevant details about technical features and applied experiences. Some examples carried out at TMB are: the CNG hybrid retrofit project, the CNG engine test bed; the special emptying and recovery station and the high-speed filling station. We will also comment on main regulations and general provisions, including maintenance and personnel requirements.

As final comments and conclusions, we will explain the environmental impact that the use of CNG has had throughout the city and its met area (NOx & PM emission reduction achieved), CNG bus and facility life cycles, its economic perspectives, and the forecasts for the future of this kind of fuel in our fleet and territory.


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