I Want to Ride My (bike-sharing) Bicycle… Conclusions of a Series of Surveys Among Bike-sharing Users in Madrid

I Want to Ride My (bike-sharing) Bicycle… Conclusions of a Series of Surveys Among Bike-sharing Users in Madrid




Conclusions of a series of surveys among the potential and actual users of BiciMAD (introduced in Madrid in 2014) are synthetized to better understand the bike-sharing phenomenon and its user profiles.


BiciMAD is a fleet of bicycles with electric pedal-assistance, a fourth generation bike-sharing system, a new element of the urban mobility in Madrid, introduced in the city centre in June 2014. A series of surveys have been carried out to understand user (and some non-user) characteristics. In the first survey phase, on the basis of a questionnaire before the introduction of BiciMAD, profiles of potential users and non-users have been described. After the implementation, by surveys among frequent and occasional BiciMAD users, various research questions have been addressed, i.e. what is the relationship between willingness-to-use and actual use; which factors influence the time of adoption of BiciMAD as an innovation; what is the impact of BiciMAD on individual travel behaviour (mode choice, bicycle use, etc.).

A combination of personal intercepts interviews and online questionnaire has been applied in three survey phases to reach all target groups and achieve a relevant number of complete responses (2014: 1,800 responses; 2015: 570; 2016: 530), including a “before and after” panel survey (200 individuals) Statistical methods (factor analysis, cluster analysis, measures of correlation) have been applied to identify and typify groups of (non-)users and understand the determinants as well as evolution of their willingness to use the service. For the analysis of bike-sharing as a new element of the urban transport system, the theory of Diffusion of Innovation has been applied and amended.

In the present contribution, results of the different survey phases are synthetized in order to highlight what has been learnt about the users of a state-of-the-art bike-sharing system and its impact on urban mobility. As there is a growing interest in bike-sharing related research recently and bike-sharing is a must-have element of urban transport, these conclusions may contribute not only to academic research but also to practical implementation in other cities that plan to introduce a bike-sharing program of the latest generation.


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