European Transport Conference 2015

European Transport Conference 2015: Strands

Strand Papers
Session 1
Developing a Policy Model for Sustainable Urban Transport
Bård Norheim, Urbanet Research, Trude Tørset, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Modelling Uncertainty of Scenarios in National Demand Forecasts
Dobson, David Simmonds Consultancy, Fotheringham, David Simmonds Consultancy
Modelling for Intelligent Mobility
Robin North, Transport Systems Catapult, Hugh Neffendorf, Transport Systems Catapult, Graham Fletcher, Transport Systems Catapult
Beyond Big Data – FAST DATA in Transport
Shaleen Srivastava, Jacobs UK Limited, Boon Sey, Jacobs UK Limited
National and Regional Road Network Optimization for Senegal Using Mobile Phone Data
Yihong Wang, Delft University of Technology, Goncalo Correia, Delft University of Technology, Erik De Romph, Delft University of Technology
Beneficial Impacts of Reviewing and Amending Traffic Signal Timings - a Case Study "Optimisation of Traffic Signal Systems: A638 Bawtry Road, Doncaster": Perceptions of Traffic Signal Timings
Ben Broxholme, AECOM
New Steps in the Assessment of Transport and Traffic Management Measures
Jan Kiel, Panteia BV, Arnoud Muizer, Panteai BV, Henk Taale, Rijkswaterstaat
Sustainable, Participatory and Practical: the NISTO Evaluation Framework for Urban and Regional Mobility Projects  
Imre Keseru, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Jeroen Bulckaen, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Cathy Macharis, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
SINTROPHER – South Fylde Line Connectivity Study  
Geoff Smith, Jacobs, Robin Hickman, UCL, Chris Anslow, Lancashire County Council
Deregulation, Competition, and Consolidation: The Case of the German Interurban Bus Industry
Kai Hueschelrath, Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Niklas Duerr, Centre for European Economic Association (ZEW)
Returning Public Transport to State Control and Regulation? Evidence on Relative Effectiveness and Efficiency from the UK and Ireland.  
Austin Smyth, University of Hertfordshire, Luke Kelleher, University of Hertfordshire
The Economic Impact of Public Transport in Gloucestershire  
Chris Heywood, Accent, Elaine Rosscraig, Stagecoach, Alan Bently, Gloucestershire County Council
Study on the Implementation of the TEN-T Regulation  
Arnaud Burgess, Panteia, Rob Leeuw Van Weenen, Panteia, Jan Francke, Ministry of Transport (NL) KIM
Hans Hilbers, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Danielle Snellen, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Constructing a Vision for an ‘ideal’ Future City: a Conceptual Model for Transformative Urban Planning  
Nick Tyler, University College London, Adriana Ortegon, University College London
Assessing the Long-Term Effects of Autonomous Vehicles on Mode Choice Behavior: A Speculative System Dynamics Approach  
Wolfgang Gruel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Joseph M. Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Session 2
Putting Roads Underground - the Case for Tunnels, Fly-unders and Highway Decking in London
David Jowsey, Transport for London, Chris Porter, Transport for London
Landuse Transportation Integration Strategy for Smart City  
Ranjan Jyoti Dutta, Urban Mass Transit Company Limited (UMTC)
Adria Gomila Civit, Ajuntament De Barcxelona / Barcelona Municipality
European Urban Transport Roadmaps to 2030
Dr Guy Hitchcock, Ricardo-AEA, Claudia De Stasio, TRT TRASPORTI E TERRITORIO, Pamela Mühlmann, ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability
Beyond Cleaner Technologies - a Roadmap Towards the White Paper Goal for Urban Transport
Jens Schippl, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institute of Technology Assessment and Systems Analyis (ITAS), Henrik Gudmundsson, Technical University of Denmark, Claus Hedegaard Sørensen, Technical University of Denmark
Trends and Success Factors of Organisational Models in Suburban Rail – An International Comparison
Deborah Mundy, Railway and Transport Strategy Centre, Imperial College London, Benjamin Condry, Railway and Transport Strategy Centre, Imperial College London
How Has the Change in the Industry Model Affected the GB Rail Sector?  
Remi Martins-Tonks, Oxera Consulting LLP, Joseph Duffy, Oxera Consulting LLP, Andrew Meaney, Oxera Consulting LLP
Long Term Value is a Short Term Issue  
Rupert Ingham, Grant Thornton, Steven McMahon, Transport Scotland, Suzanne Moir, DWF
Public Transport Quality As a Tool for Reducing Car Dependency  
Johan Holmgren, Molde University College - Specialized University in Logistics, Pernilla Ivehammar, Linköping University
Extending Metrolink to Manchester Airport  
Liz West, Transport for Greater Manchester, Peter Cushing, Transport for Greater Manchester
UK Bus Rapid Transit Systems a Common Standard
George Bailes, The Transportation Consultancy, Alan Bailes, The Transportation Consultancy
Road Freight Transport Policies and Their Impact – a Comparative Study of Germany and Sweden
Inge Vierth, VTI/CTS Stockholm, Heike Schleussner, VTI/CTS Stockholm, Svante Mandell, VTI/CTS/KTH Stockholm
Concentration of Moving Goods in the Organized Brazilian Ports  
Leisy Mikaelly Alves Teixeira, Universidade De Brasília, Isaque Daniel Rocha Eberhardt, Universidade De Brasília, Sérgio Ronaldo Granemann, Universidade De Brasília
The Measurement of Indirect Effects in Project Appraisal  
Tunde Voros, Szechenyi Istvan University, Mattias Juhasz, Szechenyi Istvan University, Krisztian Koppany, Szechenyi Istvan University
How Can the Impact of Competition Be Assessed Within a Cost–benefit Analysis Framework?  
Remi Martins-Tonks, Oxera Consulting LLP, Andrew Meaney, Oxera Consulting LLP
Combining New Data Gathering Technology and City Analytics to Investigate Pedestrian Movements
Henri Palm, DAT.Mobility, Luc Wismans, University of Twente, Eric De Kievit, City of Amsterdam
Detailed Analyses of the Effects of Parallel Pedestrian Flow for Vehicle Right Turn Volume at Signalised Intersections  
Zs. KOVACS IGAZVOLGYI, BUTE Department of Highway and Railway Engineering, L. KISGYORGY, BUTE Department of Highway and Railway Engineering
The Influence of Motorised Traffic on Pedestrian Flows and Behaviour - New Insights from Bus Stop Data  
Paulo Rui Anciaes, University College London, Peter Jones, University College London
Developing Origin-destination Matrices Using Bluetooth Data for Strategic Transport Models- Worcester Case Study  
Hariharan Thogulava, CH2M Hill, Viktor Antonov, CH2M Hill, Simon Bingham, CH2M Hill
Developing and Verifying Origin-Destination Matrices Using Mobile Phone Data: the LLITM Case  
Reza Tolouei, AECOM, Nicolae Duduta, Telefonica, Pablo Alvarez, AECOM
Session 3
Difficulties Encountered with the Interaction of a Static 4-step Macroscopic Model and a Dynamic Mesoscopic Model
HERVE Aurelie, Cerema, South West Territorial Division, GADRAT Marie, Cerema, South West Territorial Division
Antonin 3, an Up-to-date Transportation Planning Model for the Ile-de-France Region  
Jan Gerrit Tuinenga, Significance, Anne-Eole Meret-Conti, Syndicat Des Transports D’Ile De France (STIF), Nicolas Pauget, Syndicat Des Transports D’Ile De France (STIF)
Development of a Flexible Zoning System Applied to National or State-wide Models  
Dr. Henry Le, AECOM, Craig Somerville, Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure Victoria, Dr. Oliver Charlesworth, Citilabs
Urban Concepts for a New (e-)mobility Culture  
Dennis Knese, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
Management of On-demand Transport Services at a Urban Context: Barcelona Case Study  
Victor Cuevas, CENIT - Center for Innovation in Transport, J M Salanova, CERTH-Centre for Reserach and Technology Hellas, Miquel Estrada, CENIT - Center for Innovation in Transport
Car-sharing Solutions for Budapest
Csaba OROSZ, Budapest University of Technology, Department of Higway and Railway Engineering
Inclusive Mobility - Accessibility for Ageing Urban Society
Karel Schmeidler, TU Ostrava, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Ivan Fencl, VSB-TU Ostrava / Innovation in Transport
Achieving Inclusive Design - Consultation with Disabled People  
Alan William Lowe, Transport for Greater Manchester, Scott Graham Richardson, Transport for Greater Manchester
A Proposed Methodology for Measuring the Sustainability of the Location of Dry Ports Using Bayesian Networks and Multicriteria Decision Analysis  
Samir Awad Núñez, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Francisco Soler Flores, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Alberto Camarero Orive, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Vanessa De Almeida Guimarães, Universidade Federal Do Rio De Janeiro, Glaydston Mattos Ribeiro, Universidade Federal Do Rio De Janeiro, Vinicius Leal Do Forte, Universidade Federal Do Rio De Janeiro
Evolutions of the Reference Values Used in Transport CBA National Guidelines of Three Countries and What They Reveal  
David MEUNIER, University Paris-Est LVMT UMR_T9403, Christoph WALTHER, PTV AG Karlsruhe and Bauhaus University Weimar, Tom WORSLEY, Institute for Transport Studies University of  Leeds
Internalizing Noise and Pollution Externalities into Railway Charges
Aleix Pons-Rigat, Cenit - Center for Innovation in Transport, UPC BarcelonaTech, Luis Ubalde-Claver, Cenit - Center for Innovation in Transport, UPC BarcelonaTech
Recent Developments in ULTrA: Unified Land-use and Transport Appraisal
D Simmonds, S Georgieva, T Simpson, A Fotheringham, David Simmonds Consultancy, UK
Lighting the Way: the Use of Intelligent Road Studs at Spiral-marked Roundabouts  
Richard Llewellyn, Transport Research Institute, Edinburgh Napier University
An Evaluation of the False Sense of Security for Pedestrians at Varied Crosswalk Treatments  
Cole Fitzpatrick, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Ian McKinnon, TetraTech Inc., Dr. Michael Knodler, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Exploring Motorcycle Riders’ Emotional Dynamics for Safe and User Friendly Intersection Design.  
Olugbenga O. Samuel, IIE, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Guy H. Walker, IIE, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Paul M. Salmon, University of the Sunshine Coast Queensland, Australia
Deriving Trajectories in South West Germany Using Mobile Phone Data
Johannes Schlaich, PTV, DE
Providing Assurance to Decision-makers on the Quality of Models Using Mobile Phone Data
A Feeney, Department for Transport, UK
Legal and Privacy Issues Facing the Use of Mobile Phone Data
D Sweeney, Telefonica Digital, UK
Use of Mobile Phone Data in UK Regional Modelling, Emerging Results and Challenges
A Allos, Atkins, UK
Session 4
Daily and Long-distance Travel in Germany – A Comparison Between Urban and Rural Population
Alexander Reichert, Transport Planning, Faculty of Spatial Planning, University of Dortmund, Christian Holz-Rau, Transport Planning, Faculty of Spatial Planning, University of Dortmund, Christian Holz-Rau, Transport Planning
Dirk Bussche, DAT.Mobility and NHTV University of Applied Science, Paul Van De Coevering, TU Delft and NHTV University of Applied Science
Natalia TANAN, Institute of Road Engineering, Ministry of Public Works, Edwin Hidayat, Institute of Road Engineering, Ministry of Public Works, Gede Budi SUPRAYOGA, Institute of Road Engineering, Ministry of Public Works
Exploration of the Impact of EV Policies on Vehicle Registrations, GHG-emissions and CBA  
Matthias Kloetzke, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Judith Kurte, KEC-CONSULT, Jan-André Buehne, Federal Highway Research Institute (BAST)
The Economics of Climate Change Adaptation, Applied to the GB Railway
Matthew Dillon, Arup, Peter Gist, Arup, Zoe Jankel, Arup
Policy Analysis Platform for Green Transportation in Island Areas
J Tsouros, A Polydoropoulou , S Kapros, A Tsirimpa, University of the Aegean, GR
Demand and Capacity at Major UK Rail Terminals: a Fresh Look  
Oliver Stanyon, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Graham James, Parsons Brinckerhoff
Modelling and Observing the Effects of Long Distance Bus Market Liberalisation in Germany  
Martin Thust, DB FV AG, Christian Kreling, DB FV AG, B Fell, PTV Group
Combining Multimodal Smart Card Data  
Sandra Nijenstein, NS, Bas Bussink, HTM
Predicting Ridership Using Smart Card Data
Niels Van Oort, Delft University of Technology / Goudappel Consultants, Marc Drost, HTM, Menno Yap, Goudappel Consultants
Ilgin Gokasar, Bogazici University, Akif Fidanoglu, Bogazici University
Design Concepts for Interchanges in a Future Intermodal and Co-modal Rail Freight Transport System
Luigi Capodilupo, University of Rome Sapienza, D M Z Islam, NewRail Centre for Railway Research, Newcastle University, S Ricci, University of Rome Sapienza
Governance and Business Models for Regional Freight Villages and Terminals: a Case Study  
Giovanni Zenezini, Politecnico di Torino, Alberto De Marco, Politecnico di Torino, Tiziana Delmastro, SiTI-Higher Institute on Territorial Systems for Innovation
New Service Development for Scheduled Freight Services  
Dalia M. Lases Figueroa, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)
Logistics Platforms Models for Three Brazilian Regions  
Regina Meyer Branski, Sao Paulo University, Leonardo Varella, Santa Catarina University, Mirian Buss Gonçalves, Santa Catarina University
A Review of Theoretical and Practical Issues in Microsimulating Transport Demand  
Eveline Helder, Significance, Michiel De Bok, Significance, Gerard De Jong, Significance
Innovative Quantitative Methods in Assessing Value of Travel Time Savings  
Chris Heywood, Accent, Rob Sheldon, Accent, Adam Spencer, Department for Transport
General Frame of the Action and Work Phase 1
COST action participants
Welcome Remarks
E Szimba, High-Tool Project Coordinator, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE
Transport Policy Assessment by the European Commission
M Zeitler, Project Officer, DG Mobility, European Commission
The High-Tool Project - Key Objectives and Overall Approach
E Szimba, High-Tool Project Coordinator, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE
The Structure of the High-tool Model and Scope of Transport Policies Covered
B Mandell, MKmetric, DE
A New Generation of User-friendly Interfaces for Advanced Transport Policy Assessment Tools: the High-tool User Interface
A Ulied. Mcrit, ES
Session 5
Analysis of Bicycle Traffic on One-way Bicycle Tracks of Different Width  
Thomas Skallebæk Buch, Trafitec, Poul Greibe, Trafitec
The Traffic Agent - A Mobile App for Children to Register Their Travels to School
Torkel Bjørnskau, Institute of Transport Economics, Aslak Fyhri, Institute of Transport Economics, Vibeke Rørholt, Oslo Municipality
Joost De Kruijf, Utrecht University & NHTV University of Applied Sciences, Geert De Leeuw, University of Applied Sciences
The Green Wave Buddy- Cycling the Green Wave
Daniel Kofler, BikeCityGuide, Robert Schönauer, Mobimera Fairkehrstechnologien, Markus Straub, Gerald Richter, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
Policy Instruments for Greenhouse Gas Abatement in Transport
Lasse Fridstrøm, Institute of Transport Economics (TØI), Christian Steinsland, Institute of Transport Economics (TØI), Vegard Østli, Institute of Transport Economics (TØI)
Is Adaptation Conflicting with Mitigation Policies in Transport?  
Angel Aparicio, Technical University Madrid (UPM)
Set of Indicators for Sustainability Performance Assessment in Ports  
Vanessa De Almeida Guimarães, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Ilton Curty Leal Junior, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Miller José Vargas Gonzaga, Universidade Federal Fluminense
Can SMART Based Shoulder Peak Tickets Switch Rail Trips out of the Morning Peak?  
Paul Murphy, AECOM, Dr Brian Vaughan, Transdatsolutions, Professor Mark Wardman, ITS Leed University
Valuation of a Transfer in a Multimodal Public Transport Trip
Rik Schakenbosch, RHDHV, Sandra Nijenstein, NS
Planning for Major Rail Closures with the Capacity of London Assessment Model (CLAM)
Catherine Seaborn, CH2M HILL, Sandra Weddell, Transport for London, Jorge Devesa Gallego, CH2M HILL
Induced Traffic: New Findings in the Netherlands About Induced Traffic and the Benefits of New Road Infrastructure  
Han Van Der Loop, KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis, Rinus Haaijer, MuConsult, Jasper Willigers, Significance
How Do Passengers Respond to Fare Changes? Does Inflation Matter?  
Matthew Shepherd, Oxera Consulting LLP, Pantelis Solomon, Oxera Consulting LLP
Maria Elisabeth Pinheiro Moreira, Universidade Federal Do Ceará, Ramon Freitas De Araújo, Universidade Federal Do Ceará, Nadja Dutra Montenegro, Universidade Federal Do Ceará
Information on Accessible Travel – When What is More Important Than How
Elmar W.M. Fürst, WU Vienna - Institute for Transport and Logistics Management, Christian Vogelauer, WU Vienna - Institute for Transport and Logistics Management
Visual Design for All – Looking Good While Being Accessible
Christian Vogelauer, WU Vienna - Institute for Transport and Logistics Management, Elmar W.M. Fürst, WU Vienna - Institute for Transport and Logistics Management
The Journey of Orientation – from Collective Information to High End Personal Assistance with IBeacons
Anderas Gaufer, Bluecellnetworks GmbH, Markus Hammrich, Zentrum Für Integrierte Verkehrssysteme GmbH
Integration of a Freight Module in a Transport Modelling Approach for the Evaluation of Global Planning Scenario  
CLERGUE, CEREMA - Direction Territoriale Méditerranée, Buttignol, CEREMA - Direction Territoriale Méditerranée
Replacing Part or All of a Delivery Network by a Periodic Rail Line  
Toni Erfurth, Jacobs University, Julia Bendul, Jacobs University
Evolution of the EU and International Shipping: Drivers, Challenges and Scenarios
T Vanelslander
Understanding Travellers’ Satisfaction with and Attitudes Towards TfL Bus Service by Twitter
Weijia Chen, Newcastle University, Amy Weihong Guo, Newcastle University, Phil Blythe, Newcastle University
Does Weather Impact on Commuters’ Travel Demand - Empirical Case Study of Belgrade  
Dragana Petrovic, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Ivan Ivanovic, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Vladimir Djoric, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering
Micro-simulation with Discrete Choice Models: Application in Flanders
Kurt Verlinden, MINT, Cindy Puttemans, MINT, Michiel De Bok, Significance
Arnoldo Tapia, Universidad De Concepción, Alejandro Tudela, Universidad De Concepción, Juan Antonio Carrasco, Universidad De Concepción
On the Quantity and Quality of Friendships (and Keeping Up with the Joneses) in the Online Era
Nina T. W. Schaap, KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis, Sascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser, KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis, Jaco Berveling, KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis
Accessibility to Economic Activity Areas for Students in North of France
Sylvie Mathon, Cerema Nord-Picardie, Elodie Bergna, Sciences Politiques Lille (student)
Implementing a Public Transport Network on the Scale of Living Areas  
Mayara Moraes Monteiro, Federal University of Pernambuco, Mauricio Oliveira De Andrade, Federal University of Pernambuco, Leonardo Herszon Meira, Federal University of Pernambuco
Infrastructure and Design - Part 1
COST action participants
Session 6
Stimulating Asset Management Strategies for Climate Change and Its Impact on Roads
Srirama Bhamidipati, Delft University of Technology, Telli Van Der Lei, Delft University of Technology
Use of Mobility Stations to Reach a City-friendly Urban Mobility
Dr. Bodo Schwieger, team red Deutschland GmbH, Luise Fremder, team red Deutschland GmbH
Propulsion Technology Trends Across Major Bus Operators in Europe, North America and South-East Asia
Judith Michelle Cohen, RTSC, Imperial College London, Mark Trompet, RTSC, Imperial College London
The Wider Economic Impacts of High-speed Railways in France: A Demand-oriented Analysis
Koning, IFSTTAR - East Paris University, Olarte-Bacares, IFSTTAR- East Paris University
Urban Rail - India's Great Opportunity for Sustainable Urban Development  
Rohit Sharma, Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute, Curtin University, WA, Australia, Prof. Peter Newman, Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute, Curtin University, WA, Australia, Dr. Annie Matan, Curtin University Su
Methodological Proposal to Determine the Improvement of Social Cohesion Before Building a New Infrastructure: the Case of Mainland Spain Municipalities
José Antonio Gutiérrez Gallego, University of Extremadura, José Manuel Naranjo Gómez, University of Extremadura, Francisco Javier Jaraiz Cabanillas, University of Extremadura
A Social Cost Benefit Analysis of Road Pricing Schemes in the Netherlands  
Jordy Van Meerkerk, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Annemiek Verrips, CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, Hans Hilbers, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
The Impact of Establishing a Dynamic Fuel Charging System in the Spanish Road Network
Pablo Garcia Vilariño, Jacobs, Pr. Daniel J Graham, Research Director Centre for Transport Studies at Imperial College
What is Generating Transit Ridership Increase in US and Canadian Cities?  
Timothy Rosenberger, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Caroline Nardi, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Kenneth Liwag, Parsons Brinckerhoff
Impact of EU Funded Public Transport Development Projects on the Quality of Life in Cities  
Petra Szakonyi, Széchenyi István University, Emese Makó, Széchenyi István University
A DEA-Logistic Performance Index  
Leandro García, Universidad De Valencia, Luisa Martí, 2Universidad Politécnica De Valencia, Juan Carlos Martín, Universidad De Las Palmas De Gran Canaria
Bigdata and Nowcasting in Freight Transport
Arnaud Burgess, Panteia, Ruairidh Smith, Panteia
Technical and Financial Efficiency: Analysis of Brazilian Container Terminals' Performance  
Juliana Monteiro Lopes, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Ilton Curty Leal Junior, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Vanessa de Almeida Guimaraes, Universidade Federal Fluminense
Simulation Analysis of a Bus Lane Establishment Method  
Domokos Esztergár-Kiss, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Zs. Kovács Igazvölgyi, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Wayfinding Design of Intermodal Passenger Stations from the Perspective of Passengers  
Katarzyna Foljanty, Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture
Lifestyle Models – Potential Implications for Land-use Modelling and Appraisal
David Simmonds, David Simmonds Consultancy, Andy Dobson, David Simmonds Consultancy
What Could Lifestyle Appraisal Look Like in Practice and Can It Potentially Improve Current Appraisal?
Peter Davidson, Peter Davidson Consultancy, Helen Porter, Peter Davidson Consultancy, Oliver Capon, Peter Davidson Consultancy
What Could a Lifestyle Model Look Like?
Peter Davidson, Peter Davidson Consultancy, Helen Porter, Peter Davidson Consultancy, Oliver Capon, Peter Davidson Consultancy
Lifestyle, Lifecycle, Time Use, and Travel: A Framework and Empirical Evidence of Roles in Social Fields
Kostas Goulias, University of California Santa Barbara, US
Modelling and Simulation of Mixed Traffic
Annique Lenorzer, TSS - Transport Simulation Systems S.L., Jordi Casas, TSS - Transport Simulation Systems S.L., Mark Brackstone, TSS - Transport Simulation Systems Ltd.
Transport for London (TfL) Modelling Capability Enhancement
Tony Dichev, Transport for London, Marcel Pooke, Transport for London
Forms of Mobility Poverty As Indicators of Social Equity  
Andras Ekes, Metropolitan Research Institute
Data Capture Techniques for Understanding Cyclist Route Selection: a Synthesis of the Literature  
Raymond Pritchard, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Effects of Cycling Facilities– Results from a Survey and Choice Experiment on Cycling in Norway
Ingunn Opheim Ellis, Urbanet Research, Tanja Loftsgarden, Urbanet Research, Arnstein Øvrum, Urbanet Research
María Díez Gutiérrez, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trude Tørset, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Eirik Skjetne, Norwegian Public Roads Administration
Stig Nyland Andersen, Norwegian Public Roads Administration/Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Maria Diez Gutierrez, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Oyvind Lervik Nilsen,
Smart Mobility in the Netherlands - Update
T Stevens, DITCM, NL
(How) Can We Model the Diffusion of AVs and Their Impact on Mobility Behaviour? a Conceptual Approach, First Results, and Fundamental Limitations
T Kuhnimhof, DLR, DE
UK Autonomous Vehicle Trials; Pathfinding and Integration of Test Environments
Robin North, TS Catapult, UK
Infrastructure and Design - Part 2
COST action participants
Session 7
Choose How You Move: Influencing Travel Behaviour and Maximising Investment in Infrastructure
Jon Parker, Integrated Transport Planning Ltd., Daniel Godfrey, Aecom, Charles Sampson, Leicestershire County Council
Promoting Sustainable and Active Travel Choices in Greater Manchester  
Helen Ramsden, Transport for Greater Manchester
Travel Behavior Switching; Experiment with Electric Bicycles
N Krousouloudi, A Polydoropoulou, A Tsirimpa, University of the Aegean, GR
Architectural Design of a Scalable Vehicle Tracking System  
Félix Vega Stavro, National University of Colombia, Gabriel Mañana Guichón, National University of Colombia, Andrés Arévalo Murillo, National University of Colombia
Willingness to Pay for Electromobility – an Investigation Among House Builders of Energy Efficient Houses  
Leif Jacobs, Westphalian University, Karolyn Sandfort, Westphalian University, Stephan Keuchel, Westphalian University
Cycle Choice Modelling in the City of Chelmsford
Shaleen Srivastava, Jacobs, Csaba Kelen, Jacobs
Estimating Bicycle Demand in an Aggressive Environment
Margareth Gutierrez, Universidad De La Costa, Michel Murillo, Universidad De La Costa, Victor Cantillo, Universidad Del Norte
Modelling and Simulation Work Within the Urban Traffic Management and Air Quality Project (uTRAQ)
Mark Brackstone, TSS - Transport Simulation Systems Ltd, Chris Kettell, TRL, Ed Lamb, Uni of Leicester
Assessing Dynamic Traffic Management Used to Reduce Greenhouse Gases Emissions and Pollutants
GADRAT Marie, Cerema, South West Territorial Division, HERVE Aurelie, Cerema, South West Territorial Division
Evaluation and Appraisal of Sustainable and Integrated Urban Transport Projects  
Frederic Rudolph, Wuppertal Institute, Kain Glensor, Wuppertal Institute, Hanna Hueging, Wuppertal Institute
Appraisal of Active Travel Projects
Alison Irvine, Transport Scotland, UK
Emotions Quantified: Targeted Approach to Improving Customer Satisfaction  
Mark Van Hagen, Netherlands Railways, Menno De Bruyn, Netherlands Railways
Cycling and Pedestrian Accident Analysis in Konya
Recommendations for Cycle Infrastructure Solutions on Hills Based on Cyclists’ Preferences  
Kirsti Rossvoll Sandberg, NTNU - The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Civil and Transport Engineering, Eirin Olaussen Ryeng, NTNU - The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Civil and Transport Engineer
BICISTEMA, Bicycle Transport System and Services Integration Proposal in Bogotá-Colombia.  
Laura Viviana Rojas Reyes, Master in City Sciences Student
Which Public Policies to Enhance Waterborne Urban Freight Transport ? Cases Analysis in Paris Region (France) and Flanders (Belgium)  
Baudry, Cerema, Territorial Division for the Northern and Picardie Regions, Turminel, Université Lille 1
A GIS Agent-based Supply Chain Simulation Model to Analyze the Urban Goods Transport System.  
Pedro David Gutierrez Quijano, Universidad Nacional De Colombia, Ivan Dario Cardenas Barbosa, Universidad Nacional De Colombia, Wilson Adarme Jaimes, Universidad Nacional De Colombia
Delivery of Goods with Electric Bikes- Results of Testing
Matko Perović, Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar
Is the Future of Urban Mobility Above Our Head?
Marc Funda, Doppelmayr Cable Car GmbH & CoKG, Katharina Anna Bernard, Doppelmayr Cable Car GmbH & CoKG
Gunther Dürrschmidt, TU Dresden, Prof. Dr. Michael Beitelschmidt, TU Dresden
Session 8
Steve Kearns, Transport for London, Clare Cheriyan,
Sustainable Mobility: Is the Public Transport System Inherently Sustainable?
Gisela Gräfin Von Schlieffen, Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund GmbH
Evaluation of Seatbelt and Airbag Effectiveness in Reducing Motor Crash Severe and Fatal Injuries in the UAE
Yaser E. Hawas, Professor and Director of Roadway Transportation and Traffic Safety Research Center (RTTSRC), UAE University, Md. Didarul Alam, RTTSRC, UAE University
The Austrian Emergency Corridor – Life Saver or Traffic Hazard?
Elmar W.M. Fürst, WU Vienna - Institute for Transport and Logistics Management, Christian Vogelauer, WU Vienna - Institute for Transport and Logistics Management
Application of Road Safety Indicators and Inspection Procedures on Existing Urban Intersections. A Dutch Case Study  
Giulio Maternini, University of Brescia, Margherita Cadei, University of Brescia, Barbara Zappa, University of Brescia
Speed Management in Rural Two-way Roads – Speed Limit Definition Through Expert-based System  
Nuno Gregorio, Universidade De Coimbra, Ana Bastos Silva, Universidade De Coimbra, Alvaro Seco, Universidade De Coimbra
Measure French Airport Performance and Low Cost Carrier's Terminal
Seock-Jin Hong, Kedge Business School in Bordeaux
Analysis of Investments in Brazilian Waterways: Evaluation of Alternatives Using Real Options.
Eliezé Bulhões De Carvalho, National Department of Transport Infrastructure, Graziela Moura, University of Brasilia, Carlos Henrique Marques Da Rocha, University of Brasilia
Analysis of Regional Airports Deployment Investments: Evaluation of Investment Alternatives Using Real Options
Graziele Moura, University of Brasilia, Eliezé Bulhões De Carvalho, University of Brasilia, Carlos Henrique Rocha, University of Brasilia
Re-Validation of Speed / Flow Curves  
Nick Woollett, AECOM, Brian Vaughan, Transdat Solutions, George Lunt, AECOM
The Relation Between Perceived and Actual Private Travel Costs – a Key Question for Efficient Modal Split  
Pernilla Ivehammar, Linköping University, Johan Holmgren, Linköping University
Modelling Travellers’ Choice Between Park-and-ride and Other Modes of Travel to Work in the Context of Risk and Uncertainty  
Ying Huang, University of Western Australia, Brett Smith, University of Western Australia, Doina Olaru, University of Western Australia
City Automated Transport System (CATS): the Legacy of an Innovative European Project  
Derek P. T. H. Christie, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland, Anne Koymans, Bestmile, EPFL Innovation Park, Lausanne, Thierry Chanard, GEA architects-urbanists, Lausanne
Commercial Areas Achieving the Zero Emission Goal Using the Potentials of Electric Mobility: The ECar-Park Sindelfingen  
Manfred Schmid, Institute of Urban Planning and Design, University of Stuttgart, Wofgang Rid, Institute of Urban Planning and Design, University of Stuttgart
Local Authorities Face to the Challenges of Electromobility  
Thomas Plantier, CEREMA, Cécile Clément-Werny, CEREMA
Anna Ibraeva, Autoridade Metropolitana De Transporte De Lisboa, Professor João Figueira de Sousa,
Optimization of a Railway Line System with a Genetic Algorithm Approach  
Bart De Keizer, NS, Pieter-Jan Fioole, NS, Joël Van 't Wout, NS
Discussions Around the Future of Automobility in British Society
Gillian Harrison, European Commission, Joint Reseach Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport, Craig Morton, Centre for Transport Research, University of Aberdeen, Tom Budd, Centre for Air Transport Management, Cranfield University
Tomasz Janasz, University of Wuppertal
Development and Implementation of a Transferability Methodology for the Identification of Potential Measures to Be Adopted by the Island of Corfu in Order to Enhance Urban Mobility and the City Logistics System  
Kornilia Kotoula, Hellenic Institute of Transport/Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (HIT/CERTH), Maria Morfoulaki, Hellenic Institute of Transport/Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (HIT/CERTH), Alexander Stathacopoulos, Hellenic Institute
Urban Logistics: Innovation Opportunities
Thierry Vanelslander, University of Antwerp, BE
Freight Transport Plan for a Metropolitan Area - Logistics and Management in the Case of Madrid  
Sergio Castillo Tello, Poltechnic University of Madrid, Miguel A. Mozos-Blanco, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Elisa Pozo Menendez, Polytechnic University of Madrid
A Multi-Modal Routing Approach Combining Dynamic Ride-Sharing and Public Transport  
Sebastian Fahnenschreiber, Technische Universitaet Darmstadt, Felix Gündling, Technische Universitaet Darmstadt, Mohammad Hossein Keyhani, Technische Universitaet Darmstadt
Session 9
Comparing European Member State Electric Vehicle Uptake Incentives and Charging Infrastructure Provision  
Gillian Harrison, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport, Christian Thiel, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport
Forecasting Demand for a New Car Club for London
Nana Offe, SYSTRA, Paul Le Masurier, SYSTRA
Free Floating Car Sharing with Electric Vehicles - From a Niche to a Mass Market
Iris Wuerbel, InnoZ GmbH, Sandra Wappelhorst, InnoZ GmbH, Josephine Steiner, InnoZ GmbH
Dr. Bodo Schwieger, team red Deutschland GmbH
Modelling and Forecasting Car Ownership in Romania's Counties Using Bass Diffusion Model  
Cristian Tosa, Technical University of Cluj Napoca, Romania/ JSPS Fellow, Nagoya University, Japan, Tomio MIWA, EcoTopia Science Institute, Takayuki MORIKAWA, Institute of Innovation for Future Society, Nagoya University, Japan
Mobility Trends: Results from Case Studies in Santiago de Chile, Paris, Vienna and Singapore  
Mirko Goletz, DLR, Irene Feige, Ifmo, Dirk Heinrichs, DLR
A Toolbox for the Design and Operation of Urban Transport Interchanges - Application at the Mikra Interchange in Thessaloniki  
Ifigeneia Balampekou, Thessaloniki Public Transport Authority, Samouel Alexios Salem, Thessaloniki Public Transport Authority, Dimitra Komnianou, Thessaloniki Public Transport Authority
Global Trends in Metro Station Organisation and Management
Richard Lee Parasram, RTSC, Imperial College London, Judith Michelle Cohen, RTSC, Imperial College London, Alexander Stanislaus Barron, RTSC, Imperial College London
Richard Anderson, RTSC - Imperial College London, Ruben Brage-Ardao, RTSC - Imperial College London, Daniel J. Graham, RTSC - Imperial College London
CHARM – A Project to Stimulate Innovations to Improve Traffic Management Centres Promoting Safe, Fast and Reliable Road Mobility: the Dutch Perspective
Marion Braams
Towards Advanced Public Transport Investment with Multi-levelled Economic Assessment  
Dr Yanling Xiang, Transport Network Planning Section, Surface Transport Planning Department, Ministry of Transport, Qatar, Dr WISSAM AL HAMRA, Transport Network Planning Section, Surface Transport Planning Department, Ministry of Transport, Mr Saad Khodr,
European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) in Israel-Economic Feasibility Study for System Implementation
Charles Solomon, Ministry of Transport, Vladimir Simon, Ministry of Transport, Prof. Haim Aviram, Kinneret College Israel and A.B. Plan LTD
Patterns and Strategies in Barcelona Metropolitan Mobility  
M Villalante, Barcelona Regional Urban Development Agency, C Jimenez, Barcelona Regional Urban Development Agency